Todo List Tutorial
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Play time!

For playing a bit with RxJS we will use ready app (but you may develop this one by yourself if you wish - Instructions in here)
You may either clone the repository and find needed application state under /examples/3_05-add-photo-to-category or you may work on StackBlitz.
Find all the Operators used in the code. Check documentation of each one. Find them on RxMarbles. Discuss them with mentor and other attendees. Make notes, jot down questions you have.
Do you understand what they are doing? :thinking:
Now try to break something! :boom: Change operators, unsubscribe in some places, remove subscribe somewhere. Play with the app a little bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
When you finish you may go back to the Todo list app you've created. Find all the places where you are using Observables and other RxJS related code. Try to understand each one - discuss it with mentor and other attendees if needed :speech_balloon:
I know this tutorial may seem boring a bit, but thinking and walking through ready code is also useful when learning something. :yellow_heart:
This time we have great oportunity to have Q&A session about RxJS with Jan-Niklas and about programming, Angular and all you may think of with all the mentors and other attendees. Whenever you feel ready for this Q&A session please let your mentor know :relaxed: