Here we will walk you through some basic operators. Each one will have link to RxMarbles: Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables example and from RxJS and Reactive Programming - Animations and visual lessons


map is an operator which is mapping emitted values to ones we want - it takes value, passes it through given function and returns new Observable.

Map on RxMarbles

Map on reactive.how

You may think of map as of a mist which each boat makes a blue boat - it is mapping boat :speedboat: to blue boat.


filter is an operator which emits only those values which satisfy a specified predicate.

filter on RxMarbles

Map vs Filter on reactive.how

This operator may be one that will allow only yellow boats to pass the bridge, or only those who has at least 3 people on board.


merge flattens multiple Observables together by returning mix of their values into one Observable.

merge on RxMarbles

merge on reactive.how

merge may be understood as a place where two rivers join and make one new river. Boats from both of them will flow on the new river with the order they've entered the river crossing.


combineLatest multiple Observables to create an Observable whose values are calculated from the latest values of each of its input Observables.

combineLatest on RxMarbles

combineLatest on reactive.how

You may think of combineLatest as of gallery showing a pair of boats (from different rivers), always the latest ones that entered joined river.


takeLast emits last x values emitted by the source Observable. Which means that if you will call takeLast(3) it will emit last 3 values emitted by Observable. It will do so after Observable reaching completed state.

takeLast on RxMarbles

takeLast on reactive.how


take emits first x values emitted by the source Observable. Which means that if you will call take(3) it will emit first 3 values emitted by Observable. After that it will complete returned Observable.

take on RxMarbles

take on reactive.how

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